Monday, May 2, 2011

Frequent Flier Miles

Last night I took to the "friendly skies" again. It seems Littlest Mister is not thinking that he wants to come out head first. Hopefully he will get with the program. I have thought all along that he would be here early. So the wait begins.

Rainbows always make everything better. I saw this one last week during some of our lovely northwest spring.

Joanna is using the cute new Dr Seuss fabrics for the new little guy. Nana found some fabric to make diaper covers. They are so tiny!

Last week while I was here we did some cooking. This poor child had never licked the beaters before. Nana fixed that. He called them "lollipops"!

Modeling his new "Fly Boy" hat Cindy gave us while sitting in his new airplane seat.

I have pictures of a couple more quilts I can post later this week. I'll soak up some sun for all of you too. Record high of 88 expected on Wednesday. Woohoo!
From the happiest place on earth, Nanaland..............Nana Sharon

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