Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quilty Pleasures

I was home for 3 nights last week. Finished these customer quilts & then back on the plane. More on that later.

This 1st quilt is Betty's for her daughter. New adventures in quilting for her.

Roxanne is always coming up with new patterns every month for her GNO gals. I can't remember the name of this one. Her classes are the best!

I came back on Sunday because Littlest Mister is getting here a few days early. Hopefully he will be here later today & I can post some new pictures tonight. Enjoying the record high heat.
88 yesterday!

Nana Sharon x 2


Jenny said...

Sharon..that turned out really pretty. She is going to love it and I'm sure sell lot's of patterns because of your beautiful quilting!

Desley said...

Beautiful quilting on the blue star quilt.

pirate said...

is there a pattern available for the applique quilt with the Flying Geese? It's a terrifically attractive quilt!