Friday, May 27, 2011

Quilts & Sun

They go togehter, right? These are 2 quits from Sally. Not sure who is getting them. Whoever it is is really lucky, wool batting! And they are BIG!
The back shows off this great Ann Bright panto, Blooming Feathers.
This week I got in a beach night. Hadn't been there for awhile. Always something new. View of the east side of Whidbey Island across Saratoge Passage.
Clam picnic! Remember those carefree days? Gathering "stuff" from the beach & having your very own picnic?
Little daisies. So sweet!
Bunny friends. I think someone is hiding in the blackberry bushes!
Almost sunset!
Happy Friday! Hero Quilts tomorrow in Stanwood for me.

Nana in withdrawl......................Sharon


Sewfast said...

Great post Sharon...I totally relate to Nana in Colt is in the UK growing bigger by the minute...I miss him!

Jenny said...

Don't you love the wool batting! Hope to see you soon!

Sharon S said...

Thanks Mary. I hope you get to Skype with your Colt.