Saturday, June 19, 2010

Still Quilting

I had these quilts finished before we went to CA, but no time to post. This is a cute Buggy Barn quilt that Jonne made for one of her grandsons. You can't go wrong with Buggy Barn!

Miss Jennifer also made a Buggy Barn quilt using these lovely fabrics. This picture doesn't do the quilt justice. A lucky teacher was getting this quilt. This block was Patrick & Sponge Bob. Kids are great!
It's been a busy week here. Lots of quilts coming & going. Catching up from being gone. You know laundry, Dad, all the good stuff.
We did have a little excitement in our neighborhood last week. Someone got into every unlocked car & took things. Mr S gets home at 11:30 pm & is usually in bed by 1:30, so there are a lot of lights on in our house until then. Luckily we didn't loose anything(I left my car unlocked, won't be doing that again). One neighbor lost a car radio & another big loss, a purse. They didn't take garage door openers or tools. Just looking for quick money I guess. We feel lucky not to have lost anything.
Cleaning up my Honda today so it can find a new home. Maybe quilt a small quilt. And Mr S is taking me to dinner at Blackbird Cafe & Bakery in Stanwood. If you join their mailing list they send you a $10 gift certificate. I'll let you know how it goes.

Have great weekend! I'll be back soon...............Sharon

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bettyp said...

Thank goodness you didn't suffer any loss !! I need to start locking my car too!!
BTW!! The quilt is gorgeous!!