Monday, June 7, 2010

Fun times in Nanaland

Here is a cute little dove that built it's nest in the geranium basket outside the dining room window. Yesterday we were able to get a peak at her babies.An dew (he doesn't say the "r" yet in his name) is learning to blow bubbles. Mr S & I have both taken naps on the days we babysat. He's almost 2 & oh so busy! Sunday we went to the Farmer's Market in Newark. The smell from all the fresh fruits was divine! These juicy nectarines were delish!Strawberries everywhere!Heaps of cherries. They weren't $5 a pound either!More is better, right? Look at all these beautiful eggplants.I love flowers.Click on the box below to hear the bird songs that fill the air every day. There is a huge elm tree in the backyard that provides lots of shade(it has been hot here) & the birds love it.

Hope you are all having a great week. We are coming home through Central Oregon & will be stopping at some great quilt shops. Tater Patch Quilts & Sew Many Quilts. I'll take pictures & post about them when I get home.

See you soon!...............Nana Sharon

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