Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quilts Delivered

This quilt is so pretty. It was pieced by Jeanie, a new customer. The outside border is peacock feather fabric. I searched the internet for peacock feather quilting & finally found some. Gave it my own twist & had fun! It's hard to see but the large wedges have 3 peacock feathers. This space seemed to big to just do the "Swirly Girly" quilting so I added more peacock feathers. This is Mary C's Thistlepod quilt using a Judy Niemyer pattern. It had me stumped for awhile, but finally the quiting came to me. She's entering it in the QA Quilt Show next month in Monroe.
Can you tell batiks & purple are her favorite? Just a couple quilts to go & it's off to see Little Mister. I better get busy!
3 days & counting........................Nana Sharon

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