Monday, November 2, 2009

How can it be November?

Where did October go? I guess that 's what happens when you are sick! I am much better now. Glad that's over. I am going to do 2 posts today. I just can't seem to get all the pictures on in the right order. Too many quilts, but that's a good thing!

This first quilt is from Mary C. It's one of Roxanne Carter's patterns from GNO, More Scrappy Squares.

These next 2 pictures are a quilt that someone gave Eva & her daughter, Pat, put them togethr in this quilt. The borders were big, so the big curly leaf vine fit well. the blocks were stamped embroidery with the lines for quilting too. Ronni won apple blocks at CIQ a couple years ago & mad this beautiful quilt. I did the Swirly Girly thing in the Apple blocks & leafy vines in the log cabin.Sorry about the fuzzy picture on this one. Betz made a Judy Neimyer quilt at Sisters this summer. It reminded me of water. More viney things again. That's it for this post. The computer was't liking me earlier & did it's own thing. Actually it was Blogger that was having the malfunction. I did post these to my webshots .
Some of the pictures have no captions. I left the room while the pictures were uploading & when I came back it had magically posted them to the photo album. I sound like a broken record, but the computer really did it. It's a full moon, do you think that could be the problem?
9 more sleeps to go & I'll be in Grandmaland. See you later with more pictures from the past few weeks!................................Grandma Sharon

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