Sunday, July 19, 2009

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I finally won something on a blog for commenting. Actually it was for telling the best High School Home Ec story. Here's the story-

Gingham Aggravation
by Sharon

Our Home Ec room was on the 2nd floor at our High School. Some of the girls took Home Ec because they thought it would be an easy credit (ha ha). One of my classmates (who did alternative activities at lunch- (it was the early seventies)got so frustrated with her gingham raglan sleeved dress that she threw it out the window! If that wasn't funny enough, it got caught on the curtain cord and was swinging back & forth in the wind. The teacher tried not to laugh....well you know how this ended. It still makes me laugh today!

The contest was part of the Minnesota Blog Hop. Every day for 2 weeks a different pattern designer in Minnesota posted a pattern or a "how to" on their blog. As a "hopper" you had to visit all the blogs & leave a comment. Each blog had a giveaway & there was a Grand Prize worth $250. My Home Ec story won on Kari's blog . I've already used one of my "prizes", Clearly Perfect Angles . Watch the videos. No more blue painter's tape on my sewing table when I need to sew on corner stones! Check it out.

Also watch here for the next "Blog Hop" . Here's what Gudrun from G.E. Designs has to say-Many of you have asked us and encouraged me to organize another hop like this one and I am happy to announce that I am going to for sure. The next Blog Hop will be in November and you will be hearing more about that later. We will venture a little bit further than Minnesota that time around and introduce you to more great designers. Our hop is called Cross Country Christmas and we will give you great holiday ideas; projects, decorating, recipes and more......stay tuned.

Another fun blog I found is from one of Joanna's high school friend's, Shaun Myrick. This is what he writes about-"This Daily blog will help give tips to save money and how to entertain, cook, decorate, garden, and everything regarding your home!" I am going to make the Tiramasu Cupcakes , Meatless Meatballs , & Falafel when Joanna & Sam visit next month. He has lots of great information on his blog, check it out!

Judy's blog has some great pictures from the Mukilteo Quilt & Garden show that was on Saturday & the Sister's Quilt Show. Stop over & say "Hi". I help Judy with blog posts, she thinks I'm the "blog guru". LOL!

Quilts are calling & I'm taking Dad shopping today. I'll report later on the shopping. Wish me luck!

26 days & counting...........................Grandma Sharon

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