Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's My Birthday!

Well, almost. I finally won something from commenting on a blog! Thanks Mary Lou Weidman! Go checkout her blog, it's so much fun.

Here's a cute Dad story. He is good about making a list of things he needs to get when we go shopping. A couple weeks ago I saw his list, it had "paint & a paintbrush" on it. Can you see the headlines now? Care facility evacuated because of paint fumes? He has always been Mr Fixit. You know, the guy who is always puttering on something. He has decided that his walker needs to be painted. Ay ca rumba! Not sure how I'm going to talk him out of this one. I did tell him he couldn't paint in his room. He agreed, at least then he did.
I went on a Garden Tour last weekend here on Camano Island. It was gardens that are Certified Natural Habitat. The gardens were lovely & I got some great ideas.

Big Maiden Hair fern.
Bird Feeders
Nice fenceA "friend" in their gardenMillion dollar view
Our little firecracker. We have really been enjoying Skype! Now I get to see Little Mister almost every day!I woke up at 5:30 this morning. Think I'll try & get some z's. I'll have more quilt pics in a couple days. See you then!................Sharon

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