Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Liquid Sunshine

Who ordered this weather? I can't believe how cold it is here! On Sunday when we got to my sister's in Medford it was 96 degrees at 6 pm. Maybe I should go back. Guess what? I am in 3 weeks. Joanna needs a babysitter for Little Mister for a couple days, who can resist?
I have some fun quilts coming up. That's what is so great about this job, a quilt show every day! Here's one that I took a picture & did some doodling while I was gone. I'll put pics up when I'm done.

This is what happens to your overloaded lilac bush when you are on vacation & it rains. A "lilac arbor" over the front door. It smells heavenly. I guess it is time to get out the pruners. And don't worry, I am not like Dad when I trim bushes. You know the ones that look like they have a Marine haircut. I am wanting to move this lilac anyway. Joanna gave it to me for Mother's Day when we lived in Granite. I moved of our here in 2009.

Time to get to work! 21 days & counting................................Grandma Sharon

p.s. I'll try & blog about what some of my favorite bloggers have been blogging about tomorrow. A trip to the bathroom & your favorite beverage required!

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