Monday, May 25, 2009

Is it tomorrow yet?

Where does the time go? I have good intentions & then.....well, you know, life happens! Here are some of the new blogs I've found. The Last Piece has great pics from quilt market. I keep drooling over the great strawberry fabric. Hope I can find some! Bari J has tutorials for a pincushion & apron on her blog. Magnolia Bay Quilts has some really great quilts & had a drawing for her book Scrap-Basket Surprises. No, I didn't win! Joanna sent me this link . She is always looking for new recipes!

Here are some of the funny blog entries I said I would post. Pam Kitty Morning
always has something funny going on. Don't miss her video posts from Quilt Market starting on May 15. Then go over to Bunny Tales & see what Anne had to say about Pam & her antics! Anne made reference to Mark Lipinski & his funny airport story.

Yesterday Jim & I went to Granite Falls. Made my usual rounds for Memorial Day Weekend. Stopped at the cemetery to leave flowers. I remember Mom having to go to multiple cemeteries with buckets of flowers to keep her great aunts & uncles happy. The least I can do is leave her flowers. Her flower gardens were always so pretty. Then it was off to the Museum. I didn't remember that Jim hadn't seen the new Museum building yet, he was very impressed. I am amazed at what this great group of people have done in my little town! The main reason I stopped is that we donated Mom's wedding dress & veil to them. It's better than having it in a box in the closet. For those of you that don't know , Mom & Dad were married in the early 50's during her Senior year in High School. Dad was in the Army & heading for Germany. Money was tight & my Dad's Mother, Grandma Florence bought Mom's wedding dress at Chaffee's in Everett. The dress looked so pretty in the case. This picture is with it. Go see if you get a chance. When I think of her now this is how I see her..................forever young. We finished off the day with my favorite Honey Mustard Chicken Salad at Omega Pizza & Pasta . A "must stop" if you are in Granite Falls!
I hope I didn't ramble today. 13 days & counting................Sharon

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