Thursday, May 14, 2009


Greetings from sunny CA! Yes Grandmaland is the best! We got to babysit yesterday. So much fun. Little Mister is giving kisses back when you kiss him & nods his head "yes" , he has 2 teeth & is working on what looks like 3 more.(He wasn't a happy camper last night & kept Mommy up from 12-3). Tonight we are going to the quilt shop where all of his "Aunties" make a bee-line for the door to see who gets to hold him first. Tomorrow we're all going to Golden Gate Park.
Here's the latest pic of our happy boy!
The other pics are Hen & Chicks on steroids. I've never seen them so big. Can you see the 2 ladybugs in the first picture?I'll have more pictures to post once I get home. Sunday night we are staying with my sister Diane & her husband Greg near Medford Oregon.

Talk to you again soon....................... Grandma Sharon

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