Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow,snow & more snow

Will it ever stop? I hope so. We have gotten 16" since last weekend. We have shoveled the driveway 3 times. The first time I tried to go anywhere I probably wore 10,000 miles off my tires spinning up the driveway. After 6 tries I finally made it to the top. I had quilts to deliver!

The top picture is our house from the street. The middle

picture is what Christmas lights look like after it snows & snows & snows.

The bottom picture is our cat DC's "princess chair". She loves to sit there & look very regal. Now it looks like it has a big marshmallow cushion!

Our Christmas Eve company could not make it out. The roads where they live are very bad. We'll try again on New Year's Day.

The neighbor's came over & helped us eat some of the warm apple crisp I made for dessert!

On the bright side, we have had no power outages & the thermometer is out of the teens & into the 30's!

I hope wherever you are you are safe & warm.

Merry Christmas......................Sharon

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