Saturday, December 6, 2008

Quilt of the Week

The name of this quilt is Twisted Ribbons. It is a
Roxanne Carter pattern & was pieced by Mary C. Mary loves Asian prints & it is a challenge sometimes to find something to quilt in the busy fabric. This time I chose ribbon & then my curly feathers in white. She was very happy with the result. Me too! I have finally found my "feather niche". I like quilting more whimsical designs, curlicues & ribbon curls go with anything, right?
There are pics of the back of the quilt on my webshots.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Today I'm helping at Pa,
John Kroeze's, 100th birthday party. When his daughter Diane asked him what he thought about having his picture on the front of the local newspaper he said "I think I must be getting more important than President Bush." That's Pa, never dull moment & still going strong! Also will be wearing my "nurse Sharon" hat & checking on Dad's hand. Keep your fingers crossed that it gets better soon!

4 sleeps to go & I'm off to Grandmaland! Little Mister rolled over on Thursday, more than once, so we know it wasn't a fluke!


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