Monday, December 1, 2008

Better late than never

I am thankful for the cutest Dad on the face of the earth! Dad came out & had Thanksgiving dinner with Jim & I. When I asked if he was going to have seconds, he thought for a minute & said " I can't let Jim out do me." (Jim was working on his second plate.) It was nice to have a medical emergency free day! When we are sitting in the doctor's office (my home away from home) I need to close my eyes & think about that sweet smile & that beautiful,wavy white hair & remember I'm taking care of a hero! I hope my hair is that nice when I'm his age!
Stay tuned for more quilt pics of a Twisted Ribbons by Mary C!
9 days & counting
................................................Grandma Sharon


Joy said...

That's such a lovely pic of you and your Dad. Definitely one to treasure.
Joy :o)

Catherine O said...

I think it's a tie between your dad and mine for "Cutest Dad on the face of the earth". ;-) Uncle Rodney IS pretty darn cute. He looks most like Grandpa Lytton of all the 'boys'.

Sharon S said...

Thanks for the nice comments! Cathy, you are right about your Dad. I know he's your family hero too! I see Grandpa Lytton in more ways than one in Dad. sometimes I think Grandpa has reincarnated & is in the room!