Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quilts & Roses

This rose is in a pot by our driveway. Who would have ever dreamed that on November 16th I would still have a rose blooming? Jack Frost has made a "fly by" so far this year. Our weather has been pretty mild. This rose reminds me to take time to "smell the roses". Especially after the week I've had!

All is well with the ceiling. What a relief that is to be fixed!

Here is the corner of a quilt I did for Mary C. It was hand dyed fabric.
If you go to my webshots later you can see the other pics I took.
My business manager, Joanna, & I are working on a photo book of my quilting.
I'll post some pics when we are done.

23 days until I'm in Grandmaland..................


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