Monday, November 24, 2008

Quilt of the Week

This quilt was started in 1926 by a customer's grandmother. The redwork blocks won her a blue ribbon at the local fair. Pam wanted to sew the blocks into a quilt to give to her cousin, Grandma's kindred spirit. She took a Roxanne Carter class at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop hoping to finish by Christmas. I had the privilege of quilting it for her. I wanted it to reflect the quilting that would have been used in 1926.
I think that the scalloped border that they chose was perfect for this special quilt. Check out Blog Along with Aunt Mary to see the finished quilt.
If you ever see blocks or special embroidery at the Thrift store, make someones "Grandma in heaven" happy & give them a loving home!
Busy as a bee here. 15 days & counting........................

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