Friday, November 7, 2008

Little Mister Andrew

Hi everyone. Grandma is busy quilting, so I snuck on the computer to say "Hi". I'm learning all kinds of new tricks. Mom says I can hear myself now so I make noise. I really have the crying thing down. I have my "hungry" cry, my "fake" I don't want to go to sleep cry & the best of all "crocodile tears" cry. That one always gets to Mom. I am guaranteed snuggle time with that one! I like laying on my activity center & hitting the bell and I think I'm talking when those sounds come out of my mouth.

Everyone keeps smiling at me so I finally decide to smile back.

Not much else to say now. Does this pumpkin make my hiney look big?

I'm hungry, see you later.................Little Mister Andrew


Catherine O said...

What a cutey! Do you think he looks like his momma??

Sharon S said...

I you put Joanna's baby pictures next to his he does look a lot like she did. Something about him reminds me of Sam's Dad & nephew also! I can't wait to see what color his hair will be!

Catherine O said...

His hair kinda looks a little red in the pics! My dream is to have a red headed grandbaby! :-)