Saturday, February 1, 2014

Trying New Things

I've been trying some new quilting designs. I like how they turned out.

Norada made this gem using a Roxanne Carter pattern.

The lively back shows the quilting designs. I love a bright quilt back.

One of JoAnne's lucky grandchildren will be getting this quilt. 

Did you look last week? Was there a beautiful nature scene near you? You'll never know unless you remember to look. This is looking west from Camano Island State Park. I go there a lot & it's different every day. This picture was taken on the 23rd.

This is taken from the same beach on the 31st. Higher tide, more clouds.

Mr Heron is always fishing at the same spot around dinner time. The dock at the boat launch.

I'll be back tomorrow with a special Seahawk quilt I finished for a customer earlier this week.
Have a great Saturday. I'm off to the movies. 

Be back soon.

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