Monday, February 24, 2014

Modern & Pretty

Customer Jennifer made both of these lovely quilts. The first one is modern & to the moon & back out of her box. Love it when quilters go for it! The quilt is pieced in the triangle sections so it seemed natural to highlight them.


This quilt has quite a story. She worked on the Grandmother's Flower Garden pieces & wasn't quite sure what to do with them. What she did is wonderful. She treated them as a whole cloth and appliqued them onto a background adding the beautiful applique around the outside edge.

I think she was going to scallop the outside edge so I did an allover feathery design. 
 I really like how it came out.

Love when a back sings.
Nanaland has been way too busy. D has been sick. He has a slight case of pneumonia. Envision wrestling a resistant 2 year old around twice a day to give him, not one, but 2 different inhalers.
Not fun for anyone.
Thank goodness he's getting better.
Tomorrow I say goodbye to the 70 degree weather & head home. Hopefully it will have warmed up a bit by the time I get home.
Have a great week & I'll be back soon.
Nana Sharon

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