Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Heart My Secret Pal

I get surprises from a Secret Pal. It's so nice when it happens. 
Mr S brought the mail in today & this was in it. Interesting stamps & love the blip on the spelling of my last name. I can't even spell it sometimes!

This was inside. :)

Along with this! Oh my gosh. It's perfect. Garden girls & lovely words to live by.

This one says "We were made for adventure." Amen!

I've already found to coordinates online. Now I just have to come up with a quilt. 

While I was outside my friend stopped by. I think there are 2 of them that have been using the feeder all winter. I have to bring it in at night to keep the liquid from freezing. He will even drink from it before I get it hung back up.

Thank you Secret Pal for all the surprises you bring into my life. They couldn't be more perfect 
& are so appreciated. I hope your Valentine's Day is extra special.

From a smiling Sharon

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Paula Hughes said...

That is so awesome! Quilt friends are the best!!! Love to see what you come up with.