Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Build Your Best Log Cabin" E-Book Review

UPDATE- There were some revisions to the Log Cabin book. There's a new link for e-book below.

When I was asked to review this e-book it got me thinking about this log cabin(it was actually my Dad & his brother's play house) & my Grandmas. One was a secret quilter. Meaning we didn't know that she made quilts. The antique quilts in this book take you back to a different time. When there wasn't a quilt shop down the road.

The new quilts will inspire you to dig into your stash or head to your local quilt shop. Pick the colors you love & you'll love the quilt, right?

The handy charts give you the width & number of strips you will need for several sizes of log cabin blocks. I'm leaning to the right side of the charts on this one, bigger blocks. There are several different layout options too. Follow the step by step instructions & you'll be on your way. 

My favorite is the off set block that makes the Linked Chevrons. Patriotic colors & I'll have a 
Hero Quilt.

I looked at the antique blocks for a long time. I always wonder about the person who made them. What was their life like? The book even has a history of Log Cabin Quilts.

So what's it going to be for you? Traditional?


Or a nod to modern?

Let me know which one you make. I'll post a picture of mine when it's done.

The folks at Fons & Porter are sharing a link with you. 
Don't hold your breath for the pictures. I'm in a mega, custom , king size quilting mode right now.
Thanks for stopping by & I'll be back soon.

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