Saturday, October 15, 2011

T-Shirt Quilt

First you cut out the logos from all your t-shirts. I always cut them a little bigger than I might use. You can always trim later. Next iron on the woven fabric interfacing. It looks like thin broadcloth. (I'll add the name later.)

Pick some really fun fabrics to frame the logos. For this quilt I cut 2 1/2" & 3" strips.
Frame the t-shirt pieces. Set them aside & work on the layout later.
The blocks are starting to pile up!
Now the quilt starts to take shape. If a block is too short I just add another strip & trim it off. Don't measure & try to get exactly the right sized piece. Remember you are just trying to get it done.
Several pics of the finished quilt

Love the back the customer chose.
As you read this I am in Portland at MQX for a recharge & unlocking my creative juices. I'll post some pics next week.

Hope you are having a great weekend!
Sharon The Quilter!

p.s. Rats! I thought this would post while I was gone. Home now! Obviously had a computer/operator glitch!

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