Sunday, January 9, 2011

Side Trip

Mr S & I went on a side trip to the Lick Observatory east of San Jose. It's an hour drive on a very road windy that gets narrower as you get near the top of Mt Hamilton. Lots of bicyclists too. It was founded in 1888, so the architecture is beautiful. The views are fabulous!

Quilt inspiration, don't you think? Marble & grand woodwork.This light fixture was enormous. So beautiful. Hinges from the original doors. There's a tour every half hour. The entire floor moves can move up to the railings to better position the telescope. My heart skipped a beat seeing the beautiful wood & the patterns on the walls. The dome & the end of the telescope. More quilt design inspiration. Travel back in time looking at the control panel & chair! At 4200" it was cold outside!Bet this big, gnarly pine tree has seen all kinds if weather. The dome in the center is where I took the telescope pictures.San Jose in the distance. Bambi peacefully eating some grass. He had several of his friends too. There is a beautiful county park, Joseph D. Grant County Park, on the way up. I found this article about hiking there. And the houses on the way up, well what else can I say. Here's a
link , check it out!

If you continue on the same road it's 49 miles to Livermore where my 2nd favorite California quilt shop can be found, In Between Stitches.

More quilt pictures soon. At least this weather is good "quilting" weather.
See you again soon!

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