Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy To You

When I got here on Thursday Little Mister nearly knocked me over at the airport! That's the best greeting this Nana could ask for! On Saturday he & his Dad went to Livermore to an open house at the airport & there was also an air show. Once he saw the ear protectors they were on & not coming off! I think he was saying "cheese" just as I snapped this.
He waited at the window for "Papa" (his Dad) to get ready. When they left Joanna & I made a beeline for the quilt store. It was a good day for everyone!This is a cake decorating book put out by Baker's Coconut from 1959. It was in the cupboard when I cleaned out Dad's house. I remember Mom making some of the cakes in this for us. Does anyone else remember having this book? What kid likes coconut? The designs inside are cute, well at least some of them. Read on.
Obviously these kids were called the "Cut-up kids" for a reason. Check out their arms. A little disturbing if you ask me. Where are their hands? Looks more like chainsaw massacre!
There was a dandy turtle. SIL has a pet turtle & it was one of Andrew's first words. Perfect!
Nothing fancy, just a Happy Birthday turtle for Little Mister.
I think he liked it!
Time is going by way too fast. Tomorrow will be gone before I know it & I'll be on the plane home on Tuesday morning.

I almost forgot. Happy To You is the part of the Happy Birthday song that Andrew sings. I'm trying to get a video. We'll see how that works out. After all, he is 2 now.

See you again soon!.........Nana Sharon


Linda said...

I have a later version of the Baker's Coconut book called Party Cut Up Cakes! I used it for my kids and my grandkids. It has a rabbit on the cover but it has Tortie the Turtle in it. Published 1968..Will show you soon

Pam said...

Hi Sharon...your grandson is adorable. The cutup kids are very creepy but funny...I used womens weekly cake book for my kids birthdays...I will share it with you .

Sewfast said...

Glad you are having a good visit. Love seeing your Little Mister! Our first grandson is almost 3 weeks and I am totally overwhelmed by how wonderful it is to be a Grandma! Have a safe trip home tomorrow.