Monday, October 11, 2010


Mr S has a thing about numbers. Our anniversary is 2/2/2002(I think he did that so he wouldn't forget) & we share the same birthday 7/7 in different years. He asked me a while back if I'd like to go somewhere on 10/10. Of course I said yes. So off we went on Sunday to have lunch in Winthrop over the North Cascade Highway that runs through the North Cascades National Park.

The Skagit river was very high & wide. It had been raining cats & dogs a few days ago. It seemed we would luck out on this trip & get some decent weather. I spotted this waterfall across the valley & we stopped for a photo op. Not much color on the trees yet. Here's a closer look at the might Skagit. Ah, the first sign of color in Newhalem. Usually our last stop going over the pass. A little color & a waterfall in Newhalem. I wish I had sound here. It was incredible. We ate lunch at the Old Schoolhouse Brewery. They have great burgers & wraps. I had the Fish Taco Wrap. Yummy! Mr S loves his micro brew! We had some of this vine on the fence in Granite. I gets redder as the weather gets colder. On our way back we stopped at the lookout at the top of Washington Pass, elevation 5,477 feet. That's Liberty Bell. Sheer drop off in front of the fence. The switch back coming up the pass from the Winthrop side. Great views! Looking back towards Winthrop from the same lookout. A clear view of Liberty Bell.We stopped at Cascadian Farm for dinner, oops, I mean ice cream. Raspberry chocolate chip was my favorite!

Heading toward home we saw this elk herd at a wildlife viewing area between Rockport & Hamilton. What at treat. Some of them were bugaling. I think I've heard them do that once before when I was in Yellowstone. It was a great day. Hope everyone has a good week. Joanna has tomorrow off so keeping my fingers crossed that I can Skype with Little Mister.

See you again soon!


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