Sunday, May 2, 2010

Farmer's Market

The first thing to do when you go to the Farmer's Market in Newark is order a crepe. I've been hearing about these for awhile & knew I had to try one.We looked at the menu & ended up with Banana & Nutella. Last week Joanna & Sam had the Pesto, Mozzarella & Tomato. Mmmmm sounds good! Off to shop while the crepe was being fixed.This is the display table that shows what the crepes look like. who wouldn't want one after seeing this?
There were beautiful orchids & mandarin oranges.All kinds of lovely carrots & beets.Even a band playing!More lovely veggies.Checkout these quail eggs. Don't remember what the bigger eggs are.
Here's the loot that made it home with us. We split the crepe between 3 people. Nice treat! Little Mister Andrew loved the snap peas(me too). The strawberries are like the ones you picked as a kid every summer. Remember? We also got fresh hummus & homemade pita chips.
I wish there was a Farmer's Market closer to us with this kind of selection. Guess I'm going to have to head to Bellingham soon!
See you again tired Nana Sharon!

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Mary Lou Weidman said...

Oh MY I wish I had been with you! Thank you for the wonderful photos! I would have loved a crepe with berries and a cup of hot coffee! I think that the famer's Markets are so much fun and isn't God clever? Those vegetables are beautiful and no one can copy them as well as His artwork!