Saturday, January 16, 2010

What have I been doing?

So here she is, Miss January from the new Bunny Hill Snowbound. Only bought the background fabric & will use from my stash for the rest. I had so much fun with the Tisket Tasket last year, who could resist this cuteness? I have the Sassy's hooked too. More on that in another post! This is the feathered star for Roxanne Carter's bonus BOM from her GNO class that I am in. This is the pattern & fabric's I'm using for the borders leftover from another quilt I did. I'm still trying to decide whether to do the whole quilt or just quilt this up for a table topper. My Arlington group voted for whole quilt. You can see what it will look like when it's done in the bottom right hand corner. Queen size, am I up to it or not? Hmmmmmm. I'm still thinking. Hope everyone had a good week. It was my sister's birthday. Her card to me last year was so funny I sent it back to her. Something about not turning into Dad! On the countdown again. 32 days until Little Mister learns some new dance moves from this Grandma!
It's sunny here today. Hallelujah!!!
See you again soon.....................Sharon

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