Sunday, January 3, 2010

Best Intensions

I thought I would have time to post while we were in CA last week. What was I thinking? It was a very fun week in Grandmaland. We babysat, went for walks, ate good food & enjoyed the time we had together.
Our big trip was out to Half Moon Bay & to Moss Beach. First we stopped at Sam's Chowder House for lunch. I had a crab appetizer that was oh so delicious & a salmon burger that melted in my mouth. They have a famous Lobster Roll too(none of us ordered one this time). After lunch we drove to Moss Beach to check out the seals & go for a little hike. I spotted these pretty flowers blooming along the way. Little Mister was having a good ride with his Daddy. Daddy really is happy(I think the sun was in his eyes). Here are a few of the seals we saw. Just a nice view of the ocean. Then Sam took Jim up for a flight to Hollister. This is the airport in Livermore. The little dots are surfer dudes at Santa Cruz. And this is a shot of the pier at Santa Cruz. I managed to get a little sewing in while I was there. Made Little Mister some flannel jammies. Also worked on my Truly Scrumptious quilt. I'll have to post pictures later of them. Joanna has the pictures on her camera!

Back to reality this week. Quilts are waiting, the tree is still up & I need to get busy. Happy New Year to everyone. May 2010 be our best year yet!.................Sharon

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