Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunset & a quilt

It was so nice yesterday, I decided to go to the beach & walk. These were the first colors of sunset. It was a very low tide. I've never seen so many clam shells. The seagulls must have had a feast! I'm also trying to look at colors around me for inspiration for quilts. Trying to think outside the box & get out of my "cookie cutter quilts". You know what I mean? These were the next colors I saw. This is what happens to all the little pieces of driftwood when the tide is high & it's stormy. I think that picnic table might have been rockin' & rollin'. Note to self-go to the beach next time it's stormy! Now that's what I was waiting for! Just a little pink as I got back to my car. These were all taken at Camano Island State Park. The hidden gem of Camano Island. Evie put together this sweet panel for her new granddaughter. It has minkee on the back. So soft! Here's what the borders came out like. So much easier to quilt for girls!
Back to quilting for now. The weather is nice here today. Looks like another great afternoon to go to the beach. I hear the gray whales are back. Maybe I'll get lucky & see one!
See you again soon!...................Sharon

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