Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A snow jelly roll

I can't believe what Mother Nature dished out the past few weeks, but I was very surprised to see this giant snow jelly roll on my car one morning! Our driveway is sloped, good for funny snow, bad for getting out to the road.
During all the crazy weather I was an Internet junkie. Here are some of the things I found-
I missed the best give-away on Valori Wells blog. She was very generous with her new fabric line Urban Flannels.
Mary Lou Weidman has some very funny posts. She had a yummy picture of George Clooney wishing all the ladies Happy New Year & then he disappeared. She must not have checked with his agent before she posted his picture. What a party pooper he is! Watch out for Naked Swimming Man. Maybe that's George!
The "Are You Kidding Me" award goes to Martha Stewart . If I ever did anything like this I know Joanna would have me committed. If you are a cat lover don't miss this one!
Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs has a free(yes,free) BOM through her blog, Bunny Tales. A Tisket A Tasket 13 Months in a Basket. The first block is a snowman in a basket. How about it Sassy's, are you game?
Meg Hawkey has been busy stitching during all the snow. Check out what the
Knot-y Girls have been up to. I left a comment about the Garden Angel. Hopefully she'll do one for every season!
Adrienne has been busy posting recipes at Taste the Joy. I haven't made any of them yet, but definitely will be adding them to my "chocolate" file!
Joanna found a cool purse out of neck ties. She is really into purses. Easier to sew is short spurts with Little Mister. Here's a couple of her other finds Micheal Miller Fabrics & these cute baby shoes.
Have fun looking. Better get cracking here. The dredded dentist appointment today then on to some fun with Judy Irish. She is computer challenged & wants some help with her blog.
Wishing I was in Grandmaland...........................Sharon

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