Friday, January 2, 2009

Almost Done

"Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin" is the name of the book that this quilt is in. The quilt name in the book is "Crystal Blue Persuasion". Do you remember that song? I will be teaching a class on February 14th at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop. I'm almost done with the piecing. What else is there to do when there is snow, snow & more snow? Today I picked out the backing, a nummy aqua Fairy Frost. I am starting to hear that song again in my head,"The Flight of the Bumble Bee". That's because I will be busy quilting it this weekend. Meet the Teacher's night is on Friday the 9th at Aunt Mary's & I need to have this done by then! Come join me for the class.
Remember I always make some kind of chocolate treat!!!!!!!!! Sharon

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