Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Found this draft of a post from last summer. Oops!

This lone star is amazing. Will credit the maker as soon as I can remember their name.
It was very fun to quilt. Loved the colors!

This was the Spee-bi-dah summer raffle quilt. I used camel Signature thread & the Flurry snowflake panel.

We've had crazy weather here. Thursday & Sunday brought back to back wind storms with 66 mph gusts.  Not fun.

Mother Nature extended the gravel beach area to include part of the normally grassy walking path at Camano Island State Park.

There's driftwood logs everywhere. At one point I suspect there were even floating picnic tables. This picture was taken looking south. You can see Hat Island between the tips of 
Whidbey & Camano Islands.

Our back yard looks like a war zone from all the blown down branches.
Here's hoping March "goes out like a lamb."


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