Monday, May 18, 2015

Winner! Peace By Piece

I started this quilt, Tula Pink's Butterfly, with Kristi Willard. We both wanted to make one.
We met once a month & worked on blocks. Pam & Kay cleaned out their fabric stashes & gave be a big bag of great blues, greens, & purples. Thank you quilting friends. A great start!

I goofed up on the first set of blocks. Check out the big picture of the quilt &
 see if you can see what I did.

Not just the first one, but several. A little "reverse sewing" was in my future.

More blocks. The colors are not traditional, like me.

Somewhere in the middle of making this quilt the OSO landslide happened. So many loved ones missing. So I threw myself into piecing this quilt. Thus the name Peace by Piece.

Sections coming together.

Finally together.

Now for the quilting. so it can be hung in our Camano Island Quilters quilt show.


Surprise, a blue ribbon! 

A very happy quilter.

A very special Thank You to my family & friends for your support.

Two of my customer's quilts also got ribbons. On was Best of Show, the viewer's choice favorite. I'll do a post & show you them soon.

I am almost done with the stupid cold/cough. The doctor said to expect the cough to last 2 months, great.

Have a great week. It's sunny here in western WA.
Be back soon.


Kwiltzbystephanie said...

Hooray! Your quilts and quilting are wonderful! I enjoyed the CIQ show in large part because of your work!

Kristen Willard said...

Hurrah for Butterflies! Thanks for the fun!