Monday, June 30, 2014

The Little Misters

If you are a Facebook friend you know the boys are here & we are having fun.
Here's what we've been up to.

Day 1. Notice they are NOT next to each other. Kept the "he touched me" to a minimum.

End of Day 1. Medford. Treats & tube time.
Action shot.

Morning 1 at Nana's house. The table & chair set was a Christmas gift to me from grandparents. 
Circa 1958.

Grandpa(aka Mr S) exercises in every day. Here are the boys trying some push ups.

D having some fun.

Beach time. Garage sale "hunting hats"& boots from the farm store. They got here with no boots.
 Mama had too much to remember.

Seal watching with Grandpa.

This …...

Led to this. Both boys actually.

Love this picture of D. 
King of the Hill.

Best berry picking helpers.

Looking forward to more adventures & having them so close.
Have a great week. Quilting & more strawberries calling here.

Happy Nana Sharon

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Celia Ambrose said...

Wonderful fun photos with your little grandsons. How great!
Enjoy your time with them.