Friday, August 2, 2013

Nana's Green Thumb Gardening

Or  "The Year of The Tomato". I can't remember the last time gardening has been this good. Oh, wait. There was that year Dad helped me when we lived in Granite, Joanna was about 5. Dad gave the garden an extra shot of "miracle grow" & the zucchini plants ended up taller than Joanna! I'll have to try & find that picture.

So here we go with the "tour de tomatoes". Waiting for this little gem to get more color. I plant sweet peas in some of my tomato pots. Love the smell.

One of the topsy turvy planters. You can see the impatience in the bags are doing well also.

This tomato is having an "identity crisis". Thought it was in the "Jack in the Beanstalk" story. Think I'll need a ladder to get the high ones.

This one is out front. It's the "snacking planter". More sweet peas.

April 28, 2013 

July 30, 2013 

Not sure you can see but, the corn is getting tassels!

Just in case you didn't believe me. Yes, this is in the front yard.  No photo shopping for me.

The strawberries are looking good. Nana 1, squirrels 0!

First attempt at a Flower Tower. Thank you neighbor Steve for making the fencing core for me. Some of the petunias didn't do so well :( It was supposed to have red petunias in a spiral in there. Live & learn. There's always next year. 

I did have a "little" trick up my sleeve this year. My friend Sally told me about these. Alfalfa pellets. She uses them in her strawberry patch. The slugs don't like them. So I gave them a try, on everything.

The sunsets this week have been breathtaking. Took this shot At Camano Island State Park.

I hope wherever you are this week that you have a little sunshine in your life. It's always there in one form or another. We just have to remember to look.

The Little Misters are up next & then back to quilts.

Have a great weekend!


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