Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Birthday(I really can't call you Little Mister anymore)

Back to reality. Wish my time in Nanaland would never end.  It is always very busy & tons of fun!
Here is the birthday boy with his cake. Love Pinterest, so many great ideas!

Big D lasted about 2 seconds in his cape.

At least Andrew tried on the mask.

Here's both costumes. Found 2 t-shirts at the kids consignment store for Big D's Robin shirt. I found all the patterns on Pinterest or Googled what I was looking for. I doubled crepe back satin for the capes. Love that it's completely washable.

It was very warm in CA. 91 degrees the past few days. I am a little chilly right now.
Lots of quilts calling. 
I'll be back soon.
Nana Sharon

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Pam said...

love the costumes gramma!! xoxo