Monday, September 10, 2012

30's Irish Chain

My friend Diane made this beauty. It will have yo-yo flowers along the vine in the border.

I tried something different in the border.

Had fun with the leaf wreath & small leaf border.

Shoo. Check out my little friends that came out of nowhere!

Always love the backs on these.

Last week I did this mondo king size quilt. I was manipulating some of the extra fabric (happens sometimes) & the hopping foot took a bite out of my finger. Ouch! 

This week Nana is channeling her inner sewing skills & making something special for the Little Mister's 4th (say it isn't so) birthday. Here's a hint.

I have some special quilts this week. A Crabapple Hill Snowman Alphabet & a lovely mini appliqué from one of the Sassy's. Tune in next week for pictures. I might even have a "caped crusader" to show you.

Busy Nana Sharon

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Ольга Т. said...

Стежка сложная! Красиво. Браво мастеру.