Monday, April 2, 2012

Is It Spring Yet?

It has to be Spring somewhere, right? I scrounged around the yard & found a few flowers in bloom. Love the smell of hydrangeas.
Kim & Jennifer, Mom & Daughter duo, put together the next 6 quilts. Some for charity.
I especially like the one on the far right. Bright cute bugs.
Betz has been at it again. I think she saved this pattern from a magizine in the 90's & finally got it made. Way to go!
Lots of fun places to quilt.

Easier to see the design on the back.
I got lucky again commenting on a blog. Stephanie over at Kwiltz by Stephanie is cleaning out her stash & has had a few give aways. I won!
It was a nice surprise to get this in the mail. A great bunch of black & white fabric. Thanks Steph! 
Guess I better get back to quilting today. It's nice to be finding me again.

Nana Sharon

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