Monday, July 11, 2011

The Latest

On Friday morning leaving Seattle this is what it looked like. That's the tip of Mt St Helen's in case you can't tell.

I waved as we flew over the Three Sisters & everyone getting ready for the Sisters Quilt Show.

Saturday morning we went to Santa Cruz. First Daniel fell asleep.

Then Andrew.

We watched the surfers. The purple flowering vine was really pretty.

Surfer "dudes" were everywhere.

We had a "pic pic"(Andrew's word for picnic). Then played kick ball.

Then we went for walk & spotted these pelicans.

And the natural arches carved in the cliffs.

Little Mister has tons of energy. I may need to rest when I get home. Ha,ha what am I thinking.
No time for that!

I will have quilt pictures after I get home. See you later!
Nana Sharon

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