Friday, October 2, 2009

California Quilts & the Birthday Boy

Sandy wanted an all over design on her Tulip & Frog quilt. A curly leaf vine seemed perfect for this quilt. If you look close at the black frog border there are twirly tendrils with the leaves.

Little Mister is loving his new John Deere tractor. It makes lots of great sounds & has special spots for the animals to ride!
It's been busy here. Today was the baking day for tomorrow's party. Joanna found a couple Martha Stewart recipes for cake. One with raspberries & one that we found on a cupcake blog called "Orange Vanilla Cream".

I'll post more quilt pictures when I get back & get to work. The weather has been beautiful. Not really looking forward to coming home to Washington rain. Have fun at the LaConner Quilt Show or the 91 Mile Sale at all the great quilt shops.

See you next week!..................Grandma Sharon

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