Friday, July 3, 2015


Summer has started here with a bang. Hot, hot, hot! We are sticking close to home to make sure some idiot doesn't burn down our house with fireworks. 

I go to the beach a lot. Sunsets are the best there.

Here's a tour of all my flowers. Love my flower tower. 

I got the hanging fire fuchsia from the FFA kids at Stanwood HS. It's done very well.

One of my "Something old, something new" creations is the blue colander hanging basket.
The wild, tall nasturtium is one that came up on it's own in my sweet pea pot.

Impatients on the back desk. My little sanctuary!

Jack & the tomato plant reaching for the sky.

This is a little patio tomato I put in with Jack. A new variety for me this year & doing well.

Come visit tomorrow at the Floyd in Stanwood. Our group has a nice American Hero Quilt display. We'll be there from 9:30-1.

There will be some patriotic items available with a donation. I made 11 of these reversible market bags.

Had to include this shot of the moon coming up over the south end of Camano last night. 
Don't forget to look.

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Have a happy & safe 4th.


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