Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Big Labyrinth Done

Big quilts can be challenging. This Labyrinth pattern, with it's big open spaces, had lots of quilting opportunities.

My friend Sally has made beautiful quilts for her family & friends & now it is time for her bed quilt. She searched for fabric in different quilt shops & came up with colors both she & her husband liked for their quilt.

I went with leaves because I love them. Swirling vines using King Tut  Stone Age, 

This flesh colored area was 10" wide. Dividing it into 5" blocks made to fill with leaves.

Straight lines provided contrast for the "frames". Small loopy leaves made a great fill behind the center points.

Loved that she let me take a photo of it on her bed. Big enough for a pillow tuck! I did Kathy's curved echo border tutorial using DeLoa's rulers. 

Another mondo quilt waiting in the que for me. Better get cracking. 
Stay tuned for another e-book review & link coming soon.

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