Thursday, August 16, 2012

For The Love of Purple

You might remember from a previous post that Julia the Dentist loves purple. Her office in covered in a sea of purple quilts. Here are the latest additions. All of the quilts have a tiny piece of silver lame.

 A Kim Stotsenburg inspired border.

This is a mondo king size quilt. You know, the ones that seem like you'll never get done.

I didn't run fast enough last week & caught Mr S's cold. Feeling better. Still have that 1-900 voice if you know what I mean. 

Saturday is the Sew Day for the Stanwood-Camano Hero Quilters at the Stanwood Senior Center. We make quilts for American Hero Quilts.  They are quilts for wounded soldiers. Right now they are sending 100 quilts a month to one of the field hospitals in Afghanistan. We'll be there from 10-3:30. So far our little group has made 844 quilts for American Hero Quilts. It's an amazing group of quilters.

Better get quilting before it gets too hot here. Be back soon.

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Alison said...

What a beautiful purple quilt!