Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chicken Little

Here's a special quilt made by Cathy. I'm pretty sure she found the pattern at our favorite California quilt store, The Granary.

I tried a border design that Jenny & Judi use. 

Of course Cathy put a barn on the back of her quilt! Too cute!

Did you get out & enjoy the sunshine today? If you live anywhere in Western Washington we'll have a couple more days of this & then the you know what returns.

I will have some beach pictures soon. It was a lovely evening to watch the sunset.
Quilts are calling. Be back soon.


Jenny said...

Looks so good Sharon! You've been my inspiration for years and to think I inspired you. ;o)

Pam said...

love this quilt and the quilting and the quilter !!! looking forward to your beach shots...so lucky to see that sun set ...xoxox