Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Farmer's Market & The View

The Farmer's market pictures were taken a week ago Sunday in Newark near Joanna's house. There are always a couple places that have beautiful orchids.
Cabbage the size of my head & lovely lemons.

Leeks "the size of Texas". They were very tasty.

More orchids. Love the colors.

Our helper for the day, Littlest Mister.

It was time to come home last Tuesday. I never get tired of seeing all the mountains on the flight to Seattle. They are different every time. Mt Shasta with lots of snow, finally.

The Three Sister's in Central Oregon.

You can barely see Mt St Helen's. Lots of clouds. Mt Adams in the background.

As the pilot said "Welcome to Seattle". Majestic Mt Rainier at sunset with a full moon. Ahh, it doesn't get much better.

Unless there's a gorgeous sunset!

I closed my eyes & could feel the warmth from the sun at the farmer's market. Try it. Sure beats the you know what covering the ground & roof tops in my neighborhood today!

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