Saturday, August 6, 2011

Parade of Quilts

As promised, here are some of the quilts I've been quilting. This first one is from Kathy, "Strippy Trees". I know they are having a special event to kick off fall classes at The Granary . Keep a watch on their website to see what's happening! Click on the pictures for a closeup.

It was fun to quilt this one. Enjoy!

I'm going to attempt to "schedule" more quilt posts. You can have them ready to go & select a date & time to publish. We'll see how technology & I get along.

I haven't talked about Dad for awhile. He's been having a rough go. You know that roller coaster just never stops. He actually convinced one of the staff to take him to the hardware store for...............paint. He knew better than to ask me. LOL!!!

On the countdown until Joanna & family visit Nanaland. Little Mister loves music & dancing almost as much as Nana(I might have helped that along) & he's been working on some new moves & singing. Really hoping to get a video to post while they are here.

Hope you are having a great weekend. 10 days & counting................
Nana Sharon

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